Updated Program
The program has been updated to include the invited talks and the banquet venue.

Invited Speakers:
We are pleased to announce Prof. Andrea Omicini will be giving the keynote speech at EUMAS 2012 on “Nature-inspired Coordination for Complex MAS”.

Banquet Venue
The workshop banquet will take place on tuesday evening at the Arlington Hotel, Temple Bar.

EUMAS Deadline Extension

Abstracts due: 30 September 2012 (extended)
Full papers due: 03 October 2012 (extended)


Research on multi-agent systems has shed light onto and provided solutions to many real life problems. As the field matures, academics and industrialists benefit from European-based forums where state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice are presented and discussed. The EUMAS series of events have served this purpose and in this 10th edition (following Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2011; Paris, France, 2010; Aiya Napa, Cyprus, 2009; Bath, England, 2008; Hammamet, Tunisia, 2007; Lisbon, Portugal, 2006; Brussels, Belgium, 2005; Barcelona, Spain, 2004; Oxford, England, 2003) we shall carry on in this tradition. The EUMAS series of workshops is primarily intended as a European forum at which researchers, and those interested in activities relating to research, in the area of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems can meet, present (potentially preliminary) research results, problems, and issues in an open and informal but academic environment.